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Offroad riding - have fun getting off to a flying start.

If you want to get off to a flying start right from the beginning, or have had previous experience as an offroad rider, then this 2-day training is just right for you. In different groups, formed according to the skill levels of the participants, you will gain extensive experience in riding off the paved road and internalise your basic knowledge.

This includes driving on gravel roads or braking on loose ground as well as mastering long uphill and downhill stretches, short and small steep slopes, and recovering your machine on a slope. After these two days full of tips and tricks from our BMW motorcycle instructors, you’ll even be able to master water and sand passages with confidence and nothing will stand in the way of your own personal enduro tour.

You will also be thrilled to experience how positively your handling of your motorcycle on the paved road has developed.


      BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen                           Season 2023                        The training season has ended

      BMW Motorrad Enduro Park                                            Season 2024                        To the new organizer

      Alternativprogramm: Enduro Reise & Training in Spain       Season 2024                        Bookable


BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen

We say thank you for 15 shared years in Hechlingen and hand over the training to a new operator!

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