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Offroad power ladies only

Enthusiasm among women for offroad riding is on the increase. Reason enough for us to offer special training courses for women – in which fun and learning success are much more important than “having to prove yourself”. In this 1-day basic training course, skills needed for safe handling, controlled braking and cornering on loose surfaces, are trained and perfected in small groups. This will then enable you to master longer offroad trips confidently and safely with even more enjoyment!


      BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen                           Season 2023                        The training season has ended

      BMW Motorrad Enduro Park                                            Season 2024                        To the new organizer

      Alternativprogramm: Enduro Reise & Training in Spain       Season 2024                        Bookable


BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen

We say thank you for 15 shared years in Hechlingen and hand over the training to a new operator!

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